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Creativity, Cognitive Agility and a Dash of Charm

Innovative solutions from classes and training to puzzles and brain teasers.

What we offer and our approach

Creative Problem Solving

COGI believes in examining problems and possibilities from multiple perspectives. Their innovative solutions help clients discover new opportunities and overcome challenges.
Just like a Corgi exploring different angles, COGI encourages thinking beyond the obvious and finding unique pathways to success.

Why Puzzles and Brain Teasers?

Corgis consistently impress with their exceptional cognitive prowess. These furry companions are quick learners, readily grasping new commands and tasks.
These puzzles engage the mind, enhance cognitive abilities, and provide a rewarding experience. Plus, who can resist a Corgi twist on brain challenges?

Our history of problem solving

The Retro Glass Jug’s classic silhouette effortlessly complements any setting, making it the ideal choice for serving beverages with style and flair.

Classroom Learning

We firmly believe in the power of hands-on learning for children. Our teaching philosophy centers around the idea that active engagement and physical participation lead to deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Rather than relying solely on lectures, our instructors encourage students to immerse themselves in the learning process by actively participating in activities related to the subject material.

Kinesthetic Learning

We recognize that kinesthetic learning—where students carry out physical tasks—yields superior results. Whether it’s conducting experiments in science class, reenacting historical events, solving math problems, or writing poems in English class, hands-on experiences allow students to engage directly with the material.

Holistic Brain Engagement

Hands-on learning stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. While the left side processes information through listening and analysis, the right side handles visual and spatial aspects. By incorporating multiple learning styles, helps students create stronger neural connections and retain relevant information

Teamwork and Critical Thinking

Real-world jobs often involve collaborative problem-solving. Through group activities, fosters teamwork skills and encourages critical thinking. Students learn to find diplomatic solutions, delegate tasks, and work effectively as part of a team.

Tangible Results

Unlike traditional classrooms where notes are the primary outcome, hands-on classes at often result in something unique. For instance, carpentry students might create wooden projects, providing tangible evidence of their learning journey