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Make the leap from “wasted time” to educational gaming

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what is COGI?

Cogi is the root of cognition.

It encompasses all aspects of intellectual functions and processes to increase students’ perception, attention, thought, imagination, intelligence, reasoning, computation, comprehension, and production of syntax language (found in coding).

In short – it’s an education platform that picks up where traditional schooling drops the ball.

This is not just another “extra curricular” – it’s a foundation and skill base that will empower your child to reach their full potential.

Our Focus

Understanding the COGI model and our approach to learning techniques


Our flexible year-round program allows kids to learn at their own pace, ensuring a personalized learning experience. We ensure all students have the opportunity to create their own learning experience.

Planning & Design

Unlocking young minds, we empower children to learn the art of planning and roadmap creation in Minecraft Education. By guiding them to envision and strategize their virtual worlds, we help them build problem-solving skills, creativity, and collaboration. Let their imaginations soar!


Experience the power of gamification in education, where students embark on an immersive journey of learning. Our innovative approach combines fun and educational games to engage and motivate students, enhancing their knowledge retention and fostering a love for learning.

Problem Solving

We look to ignite young minds with the world of problem solving. We empower students to expand their knowledge and skills by taking a problem approach. From coding fundamentals to complex problem-solving, we guide them through the exciting process of turning ideas into functional learning.

Explore The Awesomeness That Is Minecraft Education

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Our Learning Programs

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Introduction to Computer Science

The 18 block-based Coding FUNdamentals lessons are split into 3 blocks! These lessons aim at showcasing the coding journey from learning about algorithms, sequencing and loops to conditionals, operators, events, variables and functions. Continue learning with Seymour Island and AI lessons!

Python 101: Introduction to Python

Start coding Python in Minecraft with MakeCode! Learn the basics of Python, including syntax, data types, variables, conditionals, ‘for’ and ‘while’ loops, lists, and functions.

Coding 101: Coding Fundamentals

If you want to zero in on a specific coding concept, this is the place to start! Learn how to use loops, sequencing, conditionals, variables, and functions. In these lessons you can choose to code in blocks, JavaScript, or Python.

How We Use Minecraft To Accelerate Your Child’s Education In A Fun, Online, And Easy To Follow Course 
Make the leap from “wasted time” to educational gaming

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Pricing Table

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Subscription Box


Per Month

Empower students with our Microbit-based subscription box, offering engaging projects and lessons for computer science exploration that foster creativity and critical thinking. Join the adventure today!

On-Demand Learning


Per Month

Experience on-demand learning in Minecraft Education, MicroBit, MakeCode and Scratch with access to resources and activities anytime, anywhere. Enjoy personalized, immersive education at its best. Join us for limitless learning possibilities.

Classroom Learning

Contact for Pricing

Price based on lesson programs and length

Engage students in dynamic in-classroom learning with Minecraft Education, Microbit, Python, and coding. Benefit from expert instructors, hands-on exploration, and real-time feedback. Ignite creativity and a passion for technology. Join us for an impactful learning experience!

Who We Are

We understand the industry because we are in the industry.

As former Federal Employees and current tech entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a learning platform that helped bridge the gap between the public education system and the tech fields. Cogi was born to ensure the next generation has the skills necessary to compete in the fast-paced learning environment of the current IT fields and ensure students were taught the importance of cognitive learning.

We are here to build a strong foundation and prepare the next generation of citizens with the life skills needed to survive in an ever-increasing technical landscape. No matter the industry, the ability of cognitive learning skills are necessary. As the need for these skills increased, we noticed the gap between public and secondary education grew between what the industry really required. Furthermore we saw other extracurricular programs that lacked real world knowledge and expertise in the industry.

We are real developers who solve real problems on a daily basis. We are not a franchise looking to teach cookie-cutter lessons, because we know the industry is anything but cookie-cutter. We are excited for you to join us in our journey to equipping the next generation of citizen developers.

Halie & Roy

Halie and Roy Edwards

Founders, Cogi Education and Capitol Presence Consulting Group

Why Cogi?

We are problem solvers, building and serving the community of problem solvers
Real World Growth with real world tools

Our industry-tailored Education programs merge gameplay with learning objectives. We dive into an immersive world that nurtures critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity and prepare students for the digital age and witness their growth.

Gamification for a master of lessons

Gamification, including Minecraft Education, MakeCode, Scratch, and MicroBit, is a game-changer. Our philosophy boosts motivation, retention, and critical thinking through hands on learning and problem solving play!

Problem Solving Made Fun and Hands-on

We promote health problem solving learning. This includes screen-free learning, puzzles, brain games, and active activities to get both the brain and body moving!

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About Cogi

COGI is a Woman Owned Small Business certified SWaM in the state of Virginia founded by software engineers

Where to find us

1751 Pinnacle Dr. SUITE 500, McLean VA 22102

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